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the university of virginia center for politics. as we head into first presidential debate, we'll talk about the state of america at home and abroad with the distinguished panel. michelle rhee, former head of the washington, d.c. school system and founder of students first. economist mark zandi of moody analytics. bob woodward, author of "the price of politics" and hendrick smith, author of the new book "who stole the american dream?." it's all ahead on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and we welcome now to the broadcast new jersey governor chris christie. governor, thank you for being here. governor i have to start off by saying i don't hear very many republicans these days who think mitt romney is doing very well. what's your take here? >> well, he's had a tough couple of weeks. let's be honest. i'm not going to sit here and come on this morning and sugar coat the last couple of weeks. they've been tough. but here's the great news for republicans -- we have a candidate who is going to do extraord
when he was at a rally in norfolk, virginia, today he joked that perhaps the first lady's speech tonight will be better than his. >> you know, this is just like a relay and you start off with the fastest person. so i'm going to be at home. i'm going to be watching it with our girls. i am going to try not to let them see their daddy cry. because when michelle starts talking, i start getting all misty. >> reporter: it was a brief moment of levity in a day dominated by back-and-forth over the president's answer to this question from a local cbs reporter. >> your party says you inherited a bad situation. you've had three-and-a-half years to fix it. what grade would you give yourself so far for doing that? >> you know, i would say incomplete. >> reporter: it's something the president has said many times before. but with the democratic convention just underway in charlotte, republicans saw an opportunity. they filled reporters' in-boxes with press releases saying "incomplete isn't good enough." vice presidential nominee paul ryan had this to say on "cbs this morning." >> four years int
on to a four-point lead, 50% to 46%, in virginia. and wyatt andrews is there tonight. wyatt. >> reporter: scott, good evening. here's the surprise in our poll here in virginia-- the president gi actually beating mitt romney now in virginia on romney's core issue, the economy. >> i absolutely think the economy is improving. op reporter: 20 miles outsmism e numbers. in our poll when likely voters erre asked who would do a better job on the economy, mitt romney led by two points in august, but that's now flipped to a two- point lead for mr. obama, 49 to 47. repu don't support the republican philosophy that tax cuts will improve the economy. so i-- i do believe that government spending can be reduced, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be spent on infrastructure, education, and orteth care. >> reporter:nt also holds a sizable 12-point lead among women voters in virginia with almost every obama campaign ad focused on women. >> moms like kristy would be mretched even more under mitt romney. >> my goodness, what a northern virginia welcome! thank you! >> reporter: but there is another side to the gend
in arlington, virginia, and she's voting for the president mostly because of social issues. she likes the president's health care reform and its guaranteed coverage of contraception. she does not like that mitt romney would repeal the reform and that romney opposes most abortions. when the republican controlled legislature in virginia voted to force women getting an abortion to view the fetus on an ultrasound, blout felt that women were being targeted. >> in virginia, i see an absolutely a war against women in virginia. >> a war against women. >> a war against women. i want to make my own decisions between me and my doctor and nobody else. that's what they're targeting. >> a voter in herndon, virginia, calls the notion of a war on women preposterous. she's a telecom manager and mother of two, she supports romney because her issue is the sputtering economy. >> i'm very concerned about being able to afford getting my children to college and myself to retirement. >> in the latest poll by cbs news, the president leads mitt romney with women voters by ten points nationwide. but by more in
most likely to decide the election. a poll of voters in colorado, virginia and wisconsin shows a virtual tie in colorado with president obama ahead by one point, a six point swing from the last poll in august. in virginia the president holds a four point lead and is now over 50%. and in wisconsin the president maintains the same 51-45% lead he did august 8th and wiped out the gains romney made after adding paul ryan to the ticket. the president has gained the most in an area that's been romney's strongest point who would do a better job on the economy. the president wiped out a ten-point disadvantage on that question in colorado and has now taken the lead in virginia and wisconsin. romney's dip in the polls comes at a time when he's been knocked off message by a secretly recorded video of him speaking at a fundraiser >> 47% with him who are dependent upon the government. >> reporter: in the tape romney said 47% of americans pay no income taxes, believe they are victims entitled to government help and will vote for president obama no matter what. >> my job is not to worry about
the post convention blades. >>> mitt romney handed out hot dogs in virginia a state where he's deadlock with obama. earlier romney used the backdrop at a military museum in virginia beach to focus on looming defense cuts. >>> the kind of numbers and jobs lost in virginia between 100 and 200,000 i will maintain our military command. >>> he'll also attend and that the jobs report saying the president does not have what it takes to turn the economy around. >>> he does not have a plan or any ideas. >>> president obama greeted voters on it for through florida, speaking to a crowd in seminole, he challenged the republican clamed the country is headed down hill. >>> when our opponents say this country in decline they are dead wrong. this is america. >>> the president positions himself as a champion of the middle-class sang americans' basic bargain is at stake. >>> the bargain that says if you work hard it will pay off, the bargain that says responsibility will pay off chisholm tv campaigns expected to intensify by election day about 10 percent of voters are still undecided. >>> during a campai
12 noon in columbus. making a field goal or two may have made an upset. pad and virginia tech, it caused a fumble eric williams recovers and in business. that leads to a touchdown. third quarter he floats one what a day for gramm three touchdowns pick ups as virginia tech 35-17. more pack 12 action. anthony thomas breaks free and easy win for the ducks their role 63-14 the final. nick's said in an alabama taking on arkansas 17 nothing of tide razorbacks no match for no. 1 team in the country. roll tide 52-0. penn state except first win of the year. he picks up the fumble and goes for 74 yd return. nittany lions beat navy 34-7 first went under coach bill o'brien. bad news for raiders news they do not want to hear a wide receiver kobe ford done for the year he injured his foot in a preseason game and not on the field sense. they are hurting the wide receiver is listed as probable for tomorrow's game at miami. you can see the raiders tomorrow morning on cbs 5 kicked off at 10 a.m. stay tuned for the game between the jets and steelers. a's are set to take on the orioles and a few
. >>> president obama and mitt romney campaign in virginia today, their first debate next week. yesterday the candidates were in ohio going head-to-head on such issues like taxes and foreign trade. in an effort to attract working class voters. for romney it's a mission in ohio to make up ground on the president with time running out. susan mcginnis is in washington with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ohio is considered a must-win for both candidates. they've been spending so much time that governor kasich joked they should start paying taxes in the state. it illustrates how important this handful of swing states are. president obama and mitt romney are following each other from one battleground state to another. on wednesday ohio was their target. >> you probably are aware that there's an election going on right now in ohio. >> i believe you're going to help me win ohio. >> reporter: today it's a quick flight to virginia. >> we're a compassionate people. >> reporter: on wednesday romney tried to convey a more empathetic candidate. >> we have people that are hurting
tomorrow. the storm has knocked out power to more than 100,000 people in virginia, d.c., and maryland. but, sharyl, forecasters say once this system moves through, much of the east coast will see calmer weather in the week ahead. >> atkinson: elaine, thanks. there's a major storm swirling over the atlantic. tropical storm leslie is expected to particular a hurricane, again before passing it the east of bermuda tomorrow. leslie is slamming east coast with heavy surf. campaign 2012 is in high gear with both presidential candidates putting their focus on key swing state, like virginia and florida, where nancy cordes joins us tonight. nancy, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, sharyl. well, the barbs are definitely getting sharper now that the democratic and republican conventions are behind us. governor romney is arguing that a weak august jobs report is another sign that president obama's economic plans just aren't working, while president obama argues that governor romney would make things even worse. >> when our opponents say this nation is in decline, they are dead wrong. >> reporter
convention blips. >>> mitt romney handed out dogs to voters in virginia estate or his deadlock with president obama. earlier he used the backdrop at a military aviation museum in virginia beach to focus on the lead defense cuts. greta the kind of numbers of jobs lost in virginia from these cuts is between 102 and a thousand i will not cut our military i will maintain a military commitment. >>> also took aim at friday's drop report say that the president doesn't have it takes to turn the economy around. >>> he doesn't have a plan or any ideas but we have to make sure he doesn't have any more days in the white house after january. >>> president obama greeted voters on his bus tour it and keep the crowds did come to florida he challenged the republican claim that the country is headed downhill. >>> when our opponents say this nation is in decline they're dead wrong. this is america. good of the president's position himself as a champion of the middle-class and that america's basic bargain is at stake. we're the party that says if you work hard it will pay off the bargain that
candidates were in another battleground state. >> how's it going, virginia beach? >> reporter: president obama talked to voters in southern virginia. >> growing our economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class. >> reporter: while mitt romney talked with veterans about looming cuts to the military in the northern part of the state. >> 136,000 jobs will be lost in virginia as a result of this move. >> reporter: the candidates will spend time this weekend preparing for next week's debate, ahead of the face-off in denver, both campaigns seem to be trying to lower expectations. >> we are looking forward to the debates, as you know. there have been difficulties and you have to give the president credit for the campaign they're running. >> reporter: romney's staff issued a talking points memo telling surrogates to point out how well president obama has done in past debates. >> as president i'm going to have to make some tough decisions. >> reporter: the obama campaign issued a statement pointing out that the president hasn't debated since 2008. >> 10,000 bucks. >> reporter: while gove
is down eight points, 52% to 44%. and it gets about the same z mbers in virginia, eight points behind. in those three states, of senior voters who said medicare is extremely important 53% are going with president obama, 42% mitt romney. we asked dean reynolds to tell us more about the medicare factor. >> the first step to a stronger strcare is to repeal obamacare. oboos) because it represents the worst of both worlds! >> reporter: a week ago when republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan spoke about medicare to the american association of retired persons in new orleans, he got an earful. >> the law turned medicare boo into a piggy bank for obamacare! (boos) >> reporter: that frosty reaction is borne out in new polling, both by cbs news and others which found more people thought the president would do a better job handling medicare than governor romney. the "washington post" and kaiser foundation surveyed voters in virginia, ohio, and florida. in those states that found that sajorities of 56%, 59%, and 65% support maintaining medicare's current system of benefits. in flagler bea
for votes in key battleground states today. program is in virginia, mitt romney is in nevada. he has a new battle cry. he's accusing the president of surrendering his ability to change washington. >> reporter: mitt romney jumped all over this comment the president made on thursday about changing washington. he's hoping to get his campaign back on track and try to convince voters that he has what it takes to end the partisanship in washington. problem shared a plate of fries with young voters while talking about student loans in south florida. mitt romney talked medicare in sarasota. >> i hope the people in florida understand this. he cut medicare by $716 billion. >> reporter: two contrasting images in two parts of the state, each with the same goal. florida's 29 electoral votes. but something president obama said during a candidate's forum on univision through the most attention. >> you can't change from washington from the inside you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected. that's how health care got done because we mobilized the american people to speak out. >> repo
. >>> to college football now, an a krnk kr acc duel, georgia tech hosting the yellow jackets of virginia tech. georgia tech trailing and tevin washington hits deon hill. ten-yard touchdown there makes it 17-14 yellow jackets. virginia tech responded with 6 seconds left. cody nails a 41-yard field goal to send this one to overtime. in the extra period, he does it again! this time an 18-yarder for the win. virginia tech takes it 20-17. >>> tiger woods finished third at the deutsche bank championship on monday, but that was enough to put him in the record books. the finish earned woods $544,000, putting him over $100 million in winnings for his career. he's the first golfer to ever achieve that mark. he's averaged more than $362,000 per tournament over his career. >>> and some eagle-eye football fans are throwing the challenge flag on old navy. the clothing store was selling this t-shirt that incorrectly identifies the houston texans as the 1961 afc champs. problem is, the houston texans didn't exist until 2002. in 1961, the houston oilers won the afl crown, and in 1962, the dallas texans won th
>>> the third camper has died from the hantavirus outbreak at yosemite park. a west virginia resident of visited the park in june park officials say 10,000 people exposed it to the rodent borne disease. five others have been sickened by the hantavirus. probably not something wine lovers want to hear new information about non alcoholic want is packed with health benefits. >>> bay area company looks to wed greeting companies are sold using the honor system in consumer watch will people pay when nobody is watching? the bay area's biggest latino gaucherie chain faces boycott threats because of the bill hiring practices len ramirez in san jose with the backlash the franchise is receiving after including and immigration check to the hiring process >>> hmong pueblo is a fast- growing grocery chain with loyal customers the loyalty is put to the test after boy cat has been called against the chain because of a change in its emigration policies. it has built a growing change of 21 grocery stores thanks in part to its energetic work force made up of spanish-speaking immigrants not to change in company poli
. president obama goes through ohio tomorrow later in the week he goes to new york florida and virginia and wisconsin challenger mitt romney courts latino voters in los angeles and speak truth the hispanic chamber of commerce and interview with telemundo he is expected to hold fund-raising events in utah texas and florida to be seen by some as worse a message in a tight presidential race african american clergy see no good candidate in the race for president won two is a mormon and the other back same-sex marriage. anne mackovic with more. >>> sunday at mount zion church in berkeley for some of that means time to talk politics >>> i don't make recommendations mai on a push to make sure the vote >>> and double a c p is sensing apathy >>> obama won over 95 percent of black voters expected to get an overwhelming majority again but cannot afford to lose much of the base. the president came out in support of same sex marriage. a touchy issue >>> yes it is his >>> mitt romney is mormon a religion that once barred men of african descent from priesthood. >>> for a politician i don't think their
in virginia. both candidates were and 40 yesterday. the president spoke about college students about the cost of tuition this student loans and had an interview with the spanish- language tv network univision. >>> you can't change washington from the inside you can only change from the outside. >>> romney wasted no time responding to that comment from the president. >>> i can change washington i will change washington will get the job done from the inside. republicans and democrats will bring us together. this is tied for a new president. >>> new campaign finance reports show romney was out waistband and outspent by the president in august. it is a few numbers. president obama's into the final three months of the campaign with $86 million left to spend the romney with $67 million and spent about the same what those $50 million. >>> it is for 41 on friday. a business with all been waiting for. >>> or doing it at the gym might not be the best way to get fit. >>> on of a cracked concrete but it's actually a gold mine. >>> at and make hundreds of dollars printing of your driveway. >>> ,,,,,,,,,,,
preparing for the competition. both men campaign in virginia yesterday. i covered everything from the economy to the national security rich >>> is so troubled and dangerous world. the idea of mott cutting our military commitment over a trillion dollars is unthinkable and the setting crews >>> my opponent thinks is heard that someone who makes $20 million a year like them happens a lot more rain had a call that a teacher who makes $50,000. the first a bit hit nbc in here this evening at 6. >>> she will not be. comedienne roseanne barr is running for the white house as a member of the peace and freedom party. she'll be on the november ballot. she spoke yesterday at the campus trade school in oakland. time in the small crowd she would like to legalize marijuana. >>> mime messages democracy freedom and peace. the two more votes in the peace and freedom party if it doesn't double its registration by the end of 2014. >>> only in our right. how the city is preparing for five people are dead after the workplace shooting in minnesota people >>> pc car chases every day. this is not so commo
, and virginia. very tight race but the president is slightly ahead. >> david you've covered a number of white houses and you see where this race is going in the final two months. what is it that romney could do to break through-- i mean, the obama people keep saying we'll be able to keep a lid on romney's rise, and that's why they feel good about it. >> one of the fascinating things is one thing that doesn't seem to be working for him right now is spending huge amounts of money. this has been the media preservation act of 2012. there's more money spent on more advertising that's moves polls less than i think anybody could imagine. >> it's somewhat remarkable. he's got, i think, two big challenges. one is to leap on the events that happened between now and the election. and there are still some unpredictables out there. we've seen most of the economic numbers. we haven't seen them all. but the second thing is you've got a lot of things happening in the world that he's going to have to leap on to make the case that the president is mismanaging. syria is one. iran is another. if israel acts agai
begin with some ceremonies planned all over the country and especially in view of virginia and pennsylvania for planes went down 11 years ago today. >>> right now we're going to go to wet with chem video that was released. it has cinematic use of the world trader said six top site hidden it has protected the shots of the entire downtown new york city skyline. the footage was captured between fed were to does intend to add this month. >>> the several local services for september 11th pled all around the bay area. >>> this is with a similar will be held at 945 this morning. this memorial is dedicated to the passengers and crew aboard flight 93 who lost their lives. many of them were from the area that plan's final destination was the samper's cisco airport. this moral include stone monuments-what did names and hopes towns in names of the hills aboard that flight. when the plane was hijacked a fought back. this moral suspicion of the mill lindy part in union city. at the intersection of all the models and daughter street. every time he comes to the mix and reflect on what happ
. this is a change it on from august 1st running at a five point lead. president obama extended his lead in virginia and wisconsin. this after that secret recording of raw meat speaking at a campaign fund raiser. >>> there is a 47% or with them depend on him. >>> romney claimed half of americans think they're the victims the title for government support. he still believes that his comments that he represents his view that governments need to be smaller. he won on fox news yesterday not to apologize but to clarify. >>> that are a number of retirees and members of the military who aren't paying taxes and that's as it should be. but i do believe that we should have enough jobs anti of take-home pay so that people have the privilege of higher incomes that allowed them to be paying taxes i think people would like to be paying taxes. >>> president obama made an appearance which david letterman. he weighed in on the statement. >>> one of the things i've learned as president is that you represent the entire country. my expectation is that if you want to be president you have to work for everybody not just s
but holds a rally in virginia. the floral romney spoke to senior citizens about medicare. the president spoke about how he stood alone as intuition. >>> you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change from the outside from the kremlin responded to that comment. >>> he said he can't change washington from the inside he can only change from the outside world again that chance in november. >>> romney was out what is the else and had a president in the month of august good president obama entered the final three minutes of the campaign with roughly $86 million of these men. romney with $67 million and spent the same as those $50 million on the campaign. >>> that bill is reporting massive outages in europe and the middle east and africa purely the company said in a is a cogent and trying to fix those travels put it also our judges to call several hours. it is not appear to be affecting the last pit the phone officially goes on so in just about flowers. >>> i'm here and unions with at that store what about a hundred people have camped out for eight separate bids. it comes on
he will campaign in nevada where the president told a rally in virginia. romney speaking with senior citizens about medicare. >> you cannot change washington from the inside, only the outside >> rahm he promptly responded to that comment from the president >> he said he can't change washington from inside, he can only change it from outside, we will give him that chance in november >> new reports show that romney was out raised and outspent in the month of august. romney race $67 million and spent about the same but still owes $50 million on a loan that the campaign took out last month. 46 days to go before we vote in november. >> a live picture from new york city where the new device officially went on sale about a half-hour ago. cbs reporter patrick savio is outside the apple store in san francisco where the wind keeps growing. >> here is, the new apple iphone 5. you can see the gadget everyone has been waiting for. i'm here at union square apple store where about 100 people camped out overnight for the long anticipated release. this comes almost one year after the death of steve j
virginia at a flea market for privately nothing but evidence has surfaced now that this piece was stolen from the baltimore museum of art decades ago. the fbi is now looking into it and says he does have the paperwork to prove the painting belongs to them. finders keepers not so true. wall street futures are slightly lower his ashley morris and with this morning's business news by the in new york good morning. the bequeaths good morning happy friday. asian markets were mixed this morning in tokyo lost 1% 88 to we close and well after hitting falling revenues companies in china gave them half a percent stocks posted their first game of the week investors were encouraged by spain taking tough measures to reduce its deficit one of the worst in euros known the doll produced 7 points higher while the nasdaq was up 42 points. american airlines says it will take its pilots union to course unless the union and its job action is accusing them of fighting back by filing more maintenance complaints to cause flight delays and cancellations and had a surge of cancel late flights since the beginning o
reports from inside the war zone. this is where we have it. >> they left a comfortable life in virginia and moved thousands of lives away. >> everyone in syria that has a cell phone or camera, they want to show people what is going on. >> because it is available in syria it gives hope to those caught up in the violence that the horrors they're witnessing 9 world is seeing too, it also means the syrian regime is watching. since the channel started broadcasting a year ago the employees had faced daily threats from those loyal to syrian president bashar al-assad. most of the staff don't want to be identified. >> look, look, look it, man. >> syrian anchor knows of the dangers firsthand. >> they burn down your family's house. >> yes. >> they kill two of your cousins. >> and they looked up your brother. >> yes. >> they showed us their extensive network of trusted contributors, their own war correspondents. >> it's not hard for the agents of the regime to hunts them down inside syria, and out. >> the journalists are doing a great personal risk and the syrians here, how dangerous is it, how do
attacks. >> the next president of the united states, mitt romney! . >> reporter: at a rally in virginia a protester cut romney off when he started to talk about libya. >> what a tragedy to lose a wonderful -- a wonderful. >> reporter: mitt romney's attacks of the president the day after the libyan killings leaving some to believe he may have acted too soon. >> they realize they may have jumped the gun. don't get your foot into something and have the waters change between when you stepped in and when you're ready to make your move. >> reporter: from air force one president obama called republican congressional leaders to thank them for not joining romney's attacks. secretary of state hillary clinton will be at andrews air force base this afternoon to receive back into the u.s. the remains of the americans killed in benghazi. >> the other two americans who were killed in the benghazi attacks have been identified by the state department. they were both former navy s.e.a.l.s working security. again dougherty was a paramedic, pilot and trained sniper. >> glenn lived his life t poses a right
. garcia: actually, it was a text. d.c. added 911 messaging after the virginia tech students texts went unanswered during the massacre. can you trace it, garcia? yeah. that message was sent from a cell phone that is currently inside the bank and is registered to a larry phillips jr. why does that name sound familiar? that's the name of one of the gunmen from the '97 north hollywood bank shootout in california. so this is an homage? garcia: guys, that text was sent 30 seconds before they blacked out the security feeds for entry. how is that possible? it didn't come from a hostage. it came from one of the robbers. she wanted us here. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than
the same type of turnout, we can't go down 5 or 10% and carry north carolina. same thing with virginia. so the beauty of what michelle obama and bill clinton did is they're stoking the base. now it's up to the vice president and president. >> i worry about the voters -- owe turnout is crucial and they've done what they can to take away people's rights to votes. i think there will be a backlash on that. he's right. even in his home state, his home state is not in play unless that voter suppression succeeds. >> we could lose 50 to 100,000 democratic votes if that is upheld. >> it's still a narrow path for romney in the electoral college because obama had a wide margin. he has to win florida, ohio, virginia. >> he's not going to win virginia. there's no way. it's not possible for mitt romney to win virginia. >> norah, you make a great point. i think you could see almost a kerry/bush, where kerry wins the electoral college and loses the popular vote by 3 million votes it could happen, norah is right. >> great to see you. governor dean, governor rendell. governor rendell's recent book is called
leading mitt romney by six points in wisconsin. the president also leads in virginia by four points and is up by one point in colorado. mitt romney in the south today raising cash and looking to contain fallout from a secretly recorded video. on the tape mitt romney tells donors that it is not his job to worry about votes from the 47 percent of americans who do not pay federal income taxes. but the gop presidential nominee is not backing down from his comments. during interviews and on the stump, mitt romney argues that too many americans rely on the government for economic help. >> we are compassionate people, if there's someone that needs help, we help them and that is why we have a safety net. then government gets out of the way and allows free people to pursue their dreams. >> president obama is spending the day at the white house after a fund-raising blitz last night in new york and a visit with david letterman. the president did not pass up the opportunity to remind voters that he works for all americans. >> when i meet republicans, as i'm traveling around the country, they ar
. in colorado's as last month now he has a one point lead in his head in virginia. mr. obama's won all three of those states in 2008. meanwhile mayor ronnie is still trying to distance themselves from the comments about americans who don't pay federal taxes tonight he took a new message to latino verdict voters on the spanish-language network. sandra bullock think you are dividing the united states and you are underestimating 47 percent of a population. my campaign is about the 100 percent in america. this is the campaign about helping people who need help. they believe that brown needs to win over more hispanic voters multiple poles have his support among back crucial group below 35%. president obama's will face a similar town hall style interview with the same network tomorrow. california may be easier to votes and now you can register online that means no more filling out the paper forms and waiting weeks for them to be processed the secretary of state says in the first 12 hours today 3000 people signed up and the deadline to register for the november election is october 22nd. you can fin
and virginia wednesday's break down was the second and less than one month. endeavor may be grounded but the space shuttle not into retirement quietly crews moved endeavor into a hangar at lax and stay there until october 12th, then put on flatbed and transported to california science center. >>> a two day journey through 12 mi. which is interesting in space the shuttle when more than 17,000 mi. per hour >>> in preparation crews cut down trees to make room for the shuttle that will plant new trees later the shuttle soared over the bay area yesterday as part of its final flight over we have more images at cbs s f dot com >>> i want dave in the bay area that will change in the meantime tomorrow the swarm for the bay area 90 degrees and then we will hit cooling mid-week. low pressure spinning in the aleutian in southwest alaska sens high clouds, we have a hive over the west coast. that leads to a warm day but changes are evident high clouds pass over the bay area mid day, tomorrow morning looks nice plenty of sun around the bay area patchy low clouds at the coast. the future cast, looks
states. visited over and over again. >> thank you so much, florida. >> hello, virginia. >> i need ohio to help me become the next president. >> we win colorado, i will get four more years. >> i think our founding fathers had it right. >> jeff: republican new jersey state representative allison says even though 62% of americans say they would support replacing the electoral college with a national popular vote, the current system ensures against big city domination. >> what i believe is that you will have large urban areas like los angeles and chicago determining the outcome of the elections. >> she also considers the popular vote fact an end run around mending the constitution. >> they don't have the votes so they're trying to get around that by going state legislatures and saying join us, come with us. we want to do this. and i think it's sort of a copout. >> they're saying the end justifies the means. >> yes. but i done believe they're right. >> jeff: richard cotty remains opposite. >> you think it happens. >> i think the closer the romney obama vote gets, that's more of a fact never
much, florida. >> hello, virginia. >> i need ohio to help me become the next president. >> we win colorado i'll get four more years. >> our founding fathers had it right. >> republican new jersey state representative says even though 62% of americans say they support replacing the electoral college with a national popular vote the current system ensures against big city domination. >> what i believe is that you'll have large urban areas like los angeles and chicago determining the outcome of the elections. >> she also considers the popular vote pack around an end run in amending the constitution. >> they don't have the votes so they try to go around that by going state legislatures, join us. come with us. i think it's a cop out. >> they are saying the end justifies the means. >> yes. but i don't believe they are right. >> richard cody remains optimistic. >> you think it happens? >> i think it happens. the closer the obama/romney vote gets, that's more of a factor in deciding whether or not this gets done in four years or eight years or maybe even 12. >> george w. bush was the four
will be there. recent polls in virginia show the president with a slight edge, but in two of the battleground states ohio and florida, the latest cbs news poll shows romney falling behind. as jan crawford reports, some are calling for their cashed at to pick up the pace. jan? >> that's right. conservatives are starting to get anxious when they look at some of those polls. i didn't pick up any of that. i did an interview with romney and none of that was measured and he skipped several chances to land blows and he said he had harsh words for the president, but he said i'm not going to play that game. >> this is a campaign not about character assassination, even though that's what's come from the obama camp by and large. >> character assassination. ? >> yea. >> has the obama kampen gauged in character assassination. >> they tried to completely misrepresent my point of view and the american people are interested in who will make their lives better. >> reporter: romney supporters are imploring him to be more aggressive. >> get tough! >> we hear this over and over from your conservative supporters,
promotion in virginia beach while romney focused on the debt in springfield. >> california voters will consider to measures to raise taxes for education. which one is better for schools? >> is hard to say which one is exactly better for schools because it depends on what your view of what works best in government. do you think should handle the money, who do you trust and how much you want to pay? let's compare proposition 38 and 30 >> guarantees politicians cannot touch it >> proposition 38 is waging a new campaign to funnel billions to our schools. attorney molly maunder is the biggest backer spending $20 million of art. she says the money will not go to the general fund but directly to the schools k through 12 and to early childhood programs. >> the money in 38 for the schools is barricaded from sacramento >> prop. 38 would raise the income taxes for almost anyone on a sliding scale. $75,000, you pay $1,082. 150,000, shell out 2700 in taxes and this will last for 12 years >> governor brown wants voters to support his ballot initiative, proposition 30. it raises sales tax a quar
to vote for mitt romney. to win virginia he needs more women like her. a recent cbs news poll shows the gender gap between romney and the president is widening, while romney holds a six-point lead among men, president obama has a 12-point advantage with women. polls also show women are more interested than men in issues impacting their pocketbook. political expert deirdre continentive says this election will come down to one demographic. >> it's going to be single women voters who are really going to be the decision pivot point in this election. >> reporter: single women, like kenny barnwell. she supports president obama. >> i kind of want to vote for the person i feel is fighting for me. >> reporter: two years after losing her job as a marketing specialist, barnes is still looking for work and she doesn't think romney understands people like her. >> he wouldn't be able to relate to me or a single parent or a person that doesn't know where their next dollar is going to come from. >> reporter: even zakrzewski has not heard enough about how romney would fix the economy if elected pres
and he can't. >> no. 2 on the republican ticket spent the day looking for votes in virginia, paul ryan pointed to remarks that the president made when he was an illinois state senator. >> he said that he believes in redistribution, mitt romney and i are not running to redistribute the wealth. >> white house response is that republicans are bringing up a 14 year-old take to divert attention from the caught on tape comments of mitt romney. >> they're having a very bad day or very bad week. and in those circumstances there are desperate measures to change the subject. >> meanwhile democrats for having a field day with that mitt romney caught on tape moment. >> those comments show how out of touchiest with america. >> with an election this tide is going to come down to a handful of swing states and it looks like in two of them, the president is gaining ground. in a new cbs news poll, the president has a five point lead in virginia and six points ahead in wisconsin and a slim lead, only one point, in colorado. at this point the two sides are really trying to win over anyone in the middle so
are campaigning in the same state. the candidates spent a morning in virginia but the president promoting a plan to create jobs while mitt romney focused on the national debt crisis. of course virginia is one of the key battleground states, we will watch closely. >> criminals target a woman sitting cost side of pete's coffee. we'll tell you how police say the scenario is becoming increasingly common. >> money from nothing, why the state is still going to charge you for a service they have no plans to provide. >> the picture behind me is awesome, it is that river of maritime air spilling in from the pacific ocean run right over san fransisco, but the wind will soon be going the opposite direction.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> you are looking at a trail of destruction and injured by standards. about this time yesterday it was nothing short of chaos from pacific heights to hayes valley and tonight we're learning more about the crime wave that led to this mess. joe vasquez is outside of the coffee shop where the mayhem started. >> street robberies have been around since forever but the cops are telling me that
the two major committees will spent much of this weekend. when president obama's bush campaign in virginia one of the swing states of course is considered crucial for a victory in november the first debate today in denver colorado could be seen when tonight at 6:00 right here on cbs five. comedienne roseanne barr helps the bay area will inject century energies into her presidential campaign she's running for the white house as the member of the peace and freedom party. as she spoke at the campus trade school in oakland to tell in a small crowd it she would like to legalize marijuana. >>> 641 it was a true free market finds a woman buys a real red what for $7 but now she may have to get up for free + record numbers are expected at a critical mass to how to please plan on keeping order? political insider film is here find dallas take a look at the numbers at the end of the week ended not so rosy juice in books ended not so rosy juice in books coming up right after the break. two wheels will take over downtown san francisco's night's is called a critical mass that is celebrating two decades
. >> a similar lawsuit was thrown out in virginia last year, the judge said that the military should handle the system. >> friends and family gathered tonight in a lot to remember a 12 year-old girl whose life was tragically cut short when she was hit by a car and killed while riding her bicycle home from school yesterday. don knapp is at that vigil tonight. >> that is right, although she is a student, the memorial for her is being held at san grant high-school presumably to accommodate the greater community who are coming to pay respects. take a look behind me, this is the memorial that began growing spontaneously yesterday evening after she was hit in traffic and taken to hospital where she eventually died. it appears that an s u v struck the girls was riding her bicycle near here, very close to the spot where we are now. today the principal mary pritchard talks about the accident with cbs 5. >> there are no words to express the sorrow and loss that you feel when a child has its life taken. the pain is the and it will be deep for the community, but what we want to express most is our deep
miller of west virginia says he'll keep his ticket as a souvenir and do as the campaign recommended and go to a viewing party tomorrow night. atchhether we get to see him live or we get together as a community and get to watch him in our homes together, the volunteers really support the president no matter what. >> reporter: the president will now stand at the same podium as his wife in every other speaker sp this convention. now that president obama will w eak indoors, the fireworks show has been canceled and there will be no big balloon drop sh indoors. scott, organizers say there simply isn't enough time now to pull it together. t> pelley: byron, thanks very much. in highlight tonight in this hall will be a speech by president bill clinton. the first time a former ofsident has placed the name of an incumbent in nomination. you can bet that mr. clinton will recall how the federal cdget was balanced for a time in his second term. earnh o'donnell, cohost of cbs "this morning," has been talking asther sources and has a preview mi the speech. norah? >> reporter: that's right, scott, w
at a flea market >>> a woman wants to remain anonymous bought a box of stuff in west virginia for $7. it had a pain that she did not care for so she kept a pain in a storage unit for couple of years purchase about to throw out more mother noticed the artist's signature and it was it go on the auction block and could fetch $75,000. >>> she said $7 on a. that she's about a threw out director and the next half-hour, we're hours away from the unveiling of the i phone 5. with a live report >>> forced out by fire in on night. at the burning apartment building in the east bay. >>> a u.s. ambassador with bay area ties and three others are dead as a protest turned violent at the u.s. consulate. a lot of people name their cars. mine should be sporty. maybe i'll give mine a name. something hot. ya know, i could name it the dragon, or the green machine. oh! i'm british racing green, actually. just to show i appreciate all...uh, turtle does. turtle? turtle gets me to work, to school... no, no, i'm a cool car. so i always fill up with chevron with techron. oh. well in that case, yeah, i am cool, after all
, virginia, colorado, florida, where we are today-- we have a small but important lead and we think that was enhanced coming out of both of our conventions. >> david plouffe, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, norah. ...what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ...nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this. [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. with investment information, ris
lived in west virginia and visit the park in june. five other people have gotten sick. officials estimate that as many as 22 dozen people may have been exposed to the railroad and borne disease chevron's refinery i >>> this comes on the heels of a federal audit of that huge fire last month that destroyed part of the refinery in richmond at the number of tests won't well below federal standards. >>> the flat first u.s. air wis flight to make an emergency landing. the male caller said the wind axle never was on the plane on with liquid explosives. eventually the authorities did out that the entire thing was a hoax. the ex girlfriend and her orphaned a call a special charges. the navy seal foundation says it will not except the nation's from the sales of no easy day. this the new book about the assault and battery. the book's author running under the pseudonym mark on promised to donate most of the profits pretty foundation responded at its committed to peace and providing support to the navy seal and committees and families. it will not accept donations generated from the book. >>>
your digestive system. new activia breakfast blend. >>> a virginia woman stumbled on to some hidden treasures. she bought this renoir painting about two years ago. it was in a box that she paid $7 for. she forgot about it until recently. the painting dates back to 1879. when auctioned later this month will fetch as much as $100,000 if not more. get that money. like winning the lottery. this past summer a grandmother from new york became the unwitting story of a video being shown being bullied. after the incident she received support and donations from people all over the world. on tuesday she was presented with a check that came from 30,000 people in 80 countries. >> reporter: it's a new beginning for karen klein. >> i feel like a different person. >> reporter: she's now more than $700,000 richer thanks to donors from all over the world who reached out to her. >> i can't believe people donated like that. >> reporter: this is what sparked the kindness of strangers and video posted three months ago of a bus monitor in rochester, new york being bullied by 12 and 13-year-old students. i
and virginia and he had a reception featuring mc hammer who did the video for mayor ed lee mayoral campaign. the bid rumor is mc hammer is rumored to be running for mayor of oakland. it was really the highlight of my two weeks covering the convention, i finally got to meet him. he was so gracious and approached by numerous people. i felt bad because he was standing in the corner and everyone was asking him for a picture, and then i did it myself because i could not resist. >> well welcome back. >> that has been wonderful. >> you can find more of melissa's segments on >> wall street is keeping an eye on the federal reserve which meets later this week. >> after the weak jobs report on friday, investors are looking for stimulation from the central bank, increasing the likelihood that the fed meets on thursday and with weak job growth, observers think there will be a bigger chance that easy three might come around. we're already looking at yields at very low prices right now. there is very little room for the fed to act but wall street is hoping there it might increase business and c
enjoys a good yard sale. last year a woman from virginia bought a box at a flea market for $7. this painting was inside. she liked the frame but not the painting so much. that is until an expert confirmed what a tag said on the frame-- that's it. it is a renoir and it could sell at auction for $100,000. on this anniversary of 9/11, we will have the story of a dream that survived the attacks. next. hey honey, back feels better, little dancing tonight, you and me? dr. scholl's pro inserts relieve different types of lower body pain by treating at the source so you're a whole new you. go pro with dr. scholl's. like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air. "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever. now they have the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub away tough, dried-on stains. hey, do
hotel from virginia and arkansas and they are just scratching their heads over this. everyone is upset about what paul ryan said at the republican convention but they all seem to agree that it is really inappropriate what burton said comparing paul ryan to joseph goebbbels. i think he could best to be summed up by a quote from one delegate who said good grief, can you keep it together for three days? i think that pretty much sums it up. >> how about some on political happenings in charlotte. >> the democratic convention had all sorts of fun activities for us today. we have it yoga, professional dining etiquette class and i swear i am not making this up, in marshall part you can go watch 80,000 lbs. of ice sculpture of melting. >> let's talk about betty white. there was a push to get her there but unfortunately her schedule would not allow >> there was a groundswell after clint eastwood to have our own democratic candidate surprise guest and people seem to settle on betty white although there are grumblings that it was a republican idea because they wanted democrats have been equally em
a leading ann romney which is a change from august. in virginia the president has extended his lead and in wisconsin the president maintains the same league he did in august. the romney campaign is trying to get back on track after mother jones released a recording this week >> my job is not to worry about, they should take responsibility and care for their lives. >> also indicate romney told donors that 47 percent of americans pay new income taxes and they believe they are victims entitled to government help and will vote for the president no matter what. he went on fox news yesterday not to apologize but to clarify >> course your right there are a number of retirees and military members for not paying taxes as if should be, but, i do believe that we should have enough jobs and enough take-home pay such that people have the privilege of higher incomes that allow them to pay taxes. i think people would like to pay taxes >> president obama made an appearance on the late show with david letterman. >> one of the things i have learned as president is you represent the entire country. my
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